What is the meaning of cryogenic technology in the mechanical process, what is the specific practice?
Copper alloy, hard alloy, plastic, glass and so on to improve the uniformity of low temper...
Ultra low pressure casting mold useful, how to arrange the process? Thank you
Ultra deep cryogenic treatment process is mainly to eliminate the uneven stress in the pro...
Who has a deep understanding of the cryogenic box
1, the principle of liquid nitrogen refrigeration: storage of liquid nitrogen in the conta...
What are the effects of cryogenic machining on the characteristics of metal parts
4 milling cutter milling hole surface Phi 12, 48-2NT5 milling cutter milling end 13, 48-2N...
Cryogenic treatment to improve what performance?
To improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece;Ensure the dimensional accuracy of t...
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