What is the best way to bundle audio cables?
Keep power cables separate from Line Level cables(inputs, record outputs) and speaker cab...
How do I find the direct power cable on a 1988 chevy k1500?
Run it to battery as others have said. Just be sure to put an inline fuse in line just in ...
What is this laptop power cable component called?
Looks like you will have to replace the whole adapter though it is working. Buy a new Adap...
is 450W enough for a single SAPPHIRE ATI HD2900PRO that only uses one power cable ?(most 2900's use two)?
If okorder.com/ if you havent i would recommend a HD3850 or 3870 as they have similar pefo...
Why is a magnet on a power cable?
It is not actually a magnet.It is ferrite core which helps in limiting the inrush current ...
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