My world, how to put the milk into the bowl
Cannot be put into a bowl of milk, milk is holding a steel drum to the point right, took t...
I'm in the dormitory to eat instant noodles bowl is buy instant noodles bowl, eat well much oil, give an easy way to clean clean
Find a need not plastic bags (the most common, the sort of) is soft, brushed his bowl firs...
Stainless steel bowl can be placed in the microwave oven inside?
Can't, stainless steel does not react with electromagnetic waves. Add hot...
A kilo of rice can boil out bowls of rice? (calculated on general bowl)
I'll tell you: a kilo meters with general two bowls make three bowls of rice This is my pr...
Why can't a microwave oven with a stainless steel bowl?
Generally have a microwave oven in the family we all know, heat food in the microwave oven...
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