I have a 2003 Honda Accord. I'm trying to put an amp and sub in it. My problem is, I'm not sure how to get the power cable from the batter to the inside of the car. I know it needs to go through the firewall, but I need to know exactly where. I couldn't find any unoccupied holes. I also need to know where the other side of the hole will be so that I can grab the wire from the other side. Pictures would be really great if you have them.
The simplest way to run a wire through the firewall is to look for a rubber grommet where ...
Copper and Aluminum are being considered for the cables in a high-voltage transmission line where each must carry a current of 50A. The resistance of each cable is to be .15ohms per kilometer.A. If the line carries power from Niagra Falls to New York (500Km), mow much power is lost along the way in the cable? Compute for each choice of cable materialB. the necessary cable diameterC. mass per meter of cable Please correct if you see anything that may be offSolving for part a:Power = I deltaV, since deltaV was not given IR=deltaVso Power = (I^2)R = 50^2 x 75 = 187.5 kW lt;-- answerR= 75 since R= .15 ohms/ km x 500kmB) resistivity of copper = 1.7 x 10^-8 ohm m resistivity of al = 2.82 x 10^-8 ohm m R = (resistivity x length)/Areawhat do i use for R? is it the 0.15 ohm/km or 75 ohm?using the 75 ohm as R, I get that the radius of the copper wire is 0.0000361 m and the diameter is then 0.0000722.Am i on the right track?
a) Power = (Current) (Voltage) = (Current)^2 / (Resistance) You got it good job b) I would...
For example i have the Pelican xbox 360 av and power cables not the microsoft kind. So as i heard does it make a difference like does the intercooler still eventually melt in to your xbox 360 or will it stay normal? I ask this question because my niece also has an xbox 360 and while my 360 was getting repaired i came over to play her 360, when i plug in the intercooler it worked fine but i had a little trouble pulling the power brick cord out of the intercooler and hers is microsoft av and power cables, but when i pull my Pelican power brick cable out of my intercooler it came out easily, no trouble at all. So thats why i wanted to ask the question.
its not going to melt your xbox 360. its why they made it to cool down the system. if some...
I'd like to know what type of wire/specs. for a 3 phase high power cable that can handle a 41.6KVa that will be buried under the ground? The voltage will be a 220 volts in 60 Hz. could you show me how to calculate or any charts are really appreciated.
There's not enough information in your question to give an exact answer. Figure the highes...
Physically, I want to know what the cable looks like around the part that plugs into the laptop. I have a kink in the cable around that point, but don't know if cutting it and soldering is an option, depending on how complicated that part of the cable is. The rest of the cable is really simple (positive and negative) but does it get complex at the end?Note: I'm only talking about the cable, not the laptop jack itself. I'm talking about the end farthest away from the brick, that plugs into the laptop. I wanna know what that looks like, and how easy it would be to repair.
Replacing the end of a power adapter is not something that is recommended.If not done corr...
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