I think the water pump is going out in my truck can I still drive it short distance if I put water in it first?
Depends on how bad the water pump is. Is it getting really hot already? Is it leaking wate...
I need to get my water pump replaced because it is cracked, a coolant flush and my belt is dry. I went to pep boys because my check engine light came on.They want to charge me 950 for the job. I am reluctant to pay that much. I drive an '06 Pontiac Torrent. I am suppose to take my car in today but I am not sure if I am being ripped off or not. Is 950 too much?
Pep Boys Water Pump...
Mechanic really could not locate the origin of the leak but says the water pump needs to be replaced and says it's a lot of work and would cost $350. How can the origin of the leak be determined. He used a pump and raised the pressure on the radiator but that didn't reveal anything either. Please help.
Water pumps should be replaced every 60K miles and the timing belt should be done at the s...
1998 Toyota Camry 4-cyl.Engine starts and runs, but makes a horrible, random clunking sound that seems to come from the water pump area. Coolant was seeping from front cover, appeared to be from water pump area again. engine idles, but wont rev up at all.My guess is that a bearing let loose or a vane broke off the water pump and is bouncing around inside, triggering the knock sensor which pulls out all of the timing, not letting it rev. Sound right?If that is the problem, what all is involved in replacing the water pump? Its my roommate's car, but I told him I would fix it if possible to save some money. I'm a fairly competent mechanic, but I don't have the best setup here while I'm away at school, so any info on how involved this will be, how many hours of labor is listed for that, or anything to watch for from someone who has had a similar problem before would be greatly appreciated.
1998 Toyota Camry Water Pump...
I have a 1999 Volkswagen Passat and the water pump seems to be leaking. The lower radiator hose has been replaced but it still leaks a fairly substantial amount. From what I can tell the pump is still doing its job but I'm losing coolant. Is there a way I can determine if i just need a new gasket or a new pump altogether without ripping the front end off? Any feedback is appreciated.
The coolant can leak from the hoses, the core or pump. You can detect these external leaks...
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