Can PC and PP be extruded together with two materials in an extruder?
No co extrusion, PC polycarbonate, PP polypropylene, two kinds of product structure is not...
Now I want to do it How to change the equipment, please help tell your heroes ah!Used to do PVC pinch plate, now changed to PVC threading tube
Advice from a professional perspective, if possible, suggest threading pipe equipment to d...
extrusion machine prone to coke material, what is the cause? How to improve or solve?
Or the outer lubrication part of low molecular weight is replaced by macromolecule lubrica...
Before and after the original good tune, up and down again before and after the tune, before and after, and up and down again
The nose is not accurate enough or wornOr the screws are not screwed in placeOr die inappr...
There is a 90 extrusion machine, used in the production of communication cables (outside the cable core is extruded with a layer of LLDPE), now is the configuration of Y2-280M-490KW167A inverter type ACS510197A + ABB), General Motors now found low speed when the current is too large, what reason? How to solve? The details are as follows: used for communication cable production HYA30*2*0.4, 1, line speed is 50 m / min, inverter display frequency 35.3HZ current: 116A; 2, line speed is 40 m / min, inverter display frequency of 28.2hz, current: 140A3, line speed is 35 m / min, the frequency converter significantly method: 157A 24.6HZ frequency current, because the product variety and technical reasons, we need to be in the frequency of 10HZ production. Now, it seems that if I reduce the speed again, the current will probably exceed the rated current. What should I do? Is the motor changed to frequency conversion motor? Or inverter? How to solve? Please heroes pointing, thank you!
See the ACS510 manual, this type of inverter used in fan pump type, 2605 control methods o...
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