Can you put a 32 Tv On a plasterboard wall?
There are probably a set of standardized mounting holes which are presently unused on the ...
Gypsum board can be directly posted on the wallpaper?
And then tear up the sticker when you will find the gypsum board also spent....
Wall strength - plasterboard vs fibro cement?
fibro cement may be stronger but i would guess it is more brittle too. it may crack when y...
Gypsum board wall is 19MM thick it?
There are two kinds of gypsum board; One is only decorated with ceiling - silicon calcium ...
Drywall / Plasterboard. I have just put up a plaster board ceiling and noticed that i put the sheets upside?
Easiest solution would be to go over the ceiling with 1/4 drywall. That won't affect the d...
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