Are plastic stools expensive?
It is understood that the market price is more than a dozen twenty plastic stools, househo...
Children's table chairs, solid wood and plastic good
Solid wood bulky, bad cleaning. The plastic one is bad in quality and has no odor or durab...
How about the size of the chair covers?
Use a ruler to measure the length, width, thickness of the chair, and then enlarge the 5%....
Can I wash plastic chairs with caustic soda? There's a lot of grease on my plastic chair. Can I wash it with caustic soda?
Best not to use caustic soda, caustic soda is sodium hydroxide, can produce chemical react...
Children is table chairs on the white plastic tray for a long time useless, there is a place to darken, how to deal with ah?
Stop in accordance with the conventional methods, the die head and the inlet ends are not ...
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