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Are all electrical wiring insulated so you will not get electrocuted?
No. Electrical power lines are not insulated in a way to prevent shocks. They are coated t...
LED what's the wattage of the wall washer?
LED wash wall lamp wattage is shell, shell cooling can do 100 watts, the cooling effect is...
What the difference between bikinis and underwear ?
Poor people lootYou see those postings because some people just have to be talking about b...
Can the thickness of the paperboard be adjusted in the case of weight change?
1) take 10 corrugated paper with an area of 100 square centimeters (0.01 square meters).2)...
Mixer does not use frequency converter to speed up, then what can be used to speed?
Mixer without frequency converter, then you can choose more than two speed motor to speed....
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