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What makes the red brake light on the dash come on?
do not pay any one $600.00 to do any brake work on your car. this light is a check feature...
A plumber has quoted me £2500 for a new boiler, but I have just seen 1 in b&Q for £400. what's the difference?
He is marking up the boiler to make a profit, adding his labor (which is most likely very ...
What kinds of seals are there in SKF bearings?
The 3. axis supporting structure has the advantage of allowing angular deviation;4. circum...
Current through inductor?
At t0, switch closed and a advantage got here throughout the inductor. So it is sort of a ...
Am I colorblind to gold?
well nvr trust the color resolution on a computer screen, and there is no one color of gol...
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