will leaving the power cable in for my laptop hurt the battery?
Newer batteries cannot be overcharged but it is not advisable to leave the power cable plu...
Compaq Presario PC model SR5550F power issue green light flickers in the back under the power cable?
hi: All solutions above talking approximately battery backup are almost comparable, yet wi...
What cables do I need for this graphics card?
You don't need any power cables. The board gets power from the mother board. You need a PC...
no any power cable for my new graphic card.plzzz help?
This is something you should check before you buy the video card. The card may have come ...
my alpine amplifier power cable got ripped out while it was on, and now it just blows fuses and wont work?
Check your wiring, you have a wire cross if it bows when turned on. Also you might be usin...
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