Can I buy real estate in Australian while being a Russian Citizen and can I travel back and forth and what Visa do I need?
Yes they're going to definately upward push exceptionally at auctions in which a further m...
how to proceed for a career in real estate consulting(appraisal,investment,brokerag... would an MBA degree helpI have degree in architecture
An MBA may or may not be of benefit (although if you did, I'd get one in finance) - if you...
I am a buyer, I live in California, my real estate agent ask me to sign a "Buyer Representation Agreement" (Form BRE from California Association of Realtors) with her. I am afraid I will be ripped off by the contract, so I would like to know:1. For buying a house, is it normal to sign a contract w/ your agent?2. My agent ask for a 6 month contract, is it too long?3. If I sign the contract then later I am not satisfied with her service, can I terminate the contract before it's expired without penalty?4. She said by the contract, I can't buy any property from any other agent which she's showed first. Does that mean I can still ask other agents to show me houses those she didn't (or unable to) show me?Thank you very much for your help and answers.
Six months is a bit long in the tooth for tying up your house after at least three months ...
Am I too young to start business as a real estate agent? I know a local place where I can take a course to become an agent and everything. If I like it, I'd like to become a broker eventually. Is it necessary that I have a college degree to do well? (2 or 4 year and what kind) Thanks.
Necessary Skills Real estate employers are looking for people with a combination of strong...
What is the difference between a broker, an agent, and an independent agent? I will be 16 soon and I'm thinking about real estate how do I get into the business and what kind of education do I need after high school?
A Broker is the supervisor of the agents. An Agent can be a broker and/or sales person (ag...
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