During the early part of this decade their was a real estate boom and now as a result, their are a record number of people losing their homes.Was it inevitable that it would end up this way, or is there a way that this could have been controlled so that their would not this massive fallout?
Of course it was preventable. People should not have bought homes they could not afford. T...
do u need to go to college, steps to be a real estate agenthow much money do you make
do you want to know about real estate, its not about learning,its reality and experience g...
I am going to college for Graphic Design and definitely plan on pursuing art after college, hopefully in the advertisement field. But it really depends on where I end up settling down. I have a passion for houses and real estate seems like a great option that would allow me to continue my art while having a stable income.How much does a real estate agent typically make in a year? Should I just pursue the advertisement career rather than opting for a career in real estate? Are there any artists out there with advice?
It's obvious that you don't know much about real estate. 1. We don't have salaries or a s...
Hi, My listing on Yahoo Real Estate shows up on the search, but when you click on the picture of the listing the link does not lead to the details page. It leads to this message "Sorry, the page you requested was not found." So, no one can see my listing detail or contact info. I have tried to straighten out this with Yahoo for 36 hours now with no results. Any idea how to solve this problem? Thanks.Francis
Do you have an application to rent from this company? Have you spoken with them on the tel...
Im 19 and just wondreing is real estate hard? I heard you have to take a lot. How much do you get per house? How hard is it cuase i see job posts on Cragslist for real estate jobs..please help
It is not easy. Selling real estate is tougher than most sales jobs because you don't have...
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