1. Is investing in real estate time consuming?2. What's the cheapest way to invest in real estate?3. Can you buy a house or property in any state? Is it a good idea to buy a hourse or property outside of your state?If you think there are any other details I should know, please let me know.Thanks!
1. Yes, very. 2. im not sure what you mean, if you want cheap land look at places like Kan...
some questions that i am wondering: best houses/apartments to buy and when and where? i dont know what exactly, to ask maybe for TIPS on real estate i guess? any other important information is greatly appreciated :)
When and where? When; you are financially stable with excellent credit, have enough saved ...
I have been contributing to a few retirement investment plans and I think that I'm on the right track. I do not own any property and I am currently renting.I'm thinking of purchasing property either as an investment or primary home by taking out a loan against my retirement funds for down payment.I'm not sure if this is a good move.Should I just keep investing in my retirement or should I go down the real estate route? What are the pros and cons? Isn't retirement a worthwhile and valid investment compared to property?
Real estate is a good investment but all it would take is a market crash to kill you. Don'...
Hey,They just contacted me about a repo from 04 and said they would put my house on a lien. I can't give the 10k they are asking for, but I also have a real estate in another state. Can they go after that too? I have an attorney working on my case (Workers Comp) and she filed lawsuit almost a year ago and still, no advance. What does the Lien consist off, and what are my options in this lien?Also, should I use the real estate I have to get a loan from the bank?Many Thanks!
When a lender says it will put a lien on your real prperty, that usually means they are go...
I have an real estate question and I would like to know if anyone knows the answer. Ok lets say there is a couple The Lemons and they are buying a house and they have an agent named Sally who works for Mary's real estate company they find a house that they like make an offer that is accepted.However the house is being sold by Barry who works for a different real estate company then Mary and Sally work for. I know Barry and Sally would have to split the commission but does Mary get any money since Sally is her employee?
First attempt to discover any person you realize and believe. Whether they're a dealer, ag...
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