What is the size of an employee's bed?
The regular size of the bed on the dormitory is W1980*D900*H1750mm. This specification is ...
What is the width of the school dormitory bed? Who knows the size of the bedroom bed? What kind of mat do you have?
The general student dormitory bed for 0.8 or 0.9 meters wide, 2 meters long to buy the bes...
Ask the bedroom bed exactly how the points?
Head south or North Western medicine that sleep good reason is: there is a large and weak ...
What are the specifications of the dormitory beds?
The school is different, the corresponding accommodation is certainly different, and the s...
What is the size of the bed of the 6 bedroom in Guangzhou University?
Size: student bed length 2000mm, width 900mm, height 1800mm (ground to bedside top), mosqu...
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