200W light beam after running for a period of time, automatically extinguish the bubble, and then how do not turn the lights, 5
Open the control panel / all control panel items / power options / change plan settings / ...
Which one is good for beam lamp manufacturers?
The three line Shijing side with a lot of brand-name, is cheap, with a hole a, is not reco...
What's the difference between a beam lamp and a shake head light?
Beam lamp:The wide angle is small, so it is brighter than the head shaking. The light beam...
Several beam lights do different action like programming teaching
The first A001 second A017, each additional one, on the +16 third, A033 fourth, A049 set u...
Beam lamp console programming
Don't push it too high. Some light beams have channels that regulate the X/Y axis speed an...
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