FX Bulldozer vs Core i7 LGA 2011?
For okorder.com/ I stand corrected. However it's still slower than the i7-4770k when it co...
What should I buy, amd fx-8150(bulldozer) or amd 1100T(phenom ii x-6) ?
Do not buy a Bulldozer because it's the worst processor! 1100T Phenom easily beats bulldoz...
Any one want to make N.Y.C a sanitary land fill? I want first in the drivers seat...Where's the bulldozer ..?
I live in rural West Virginia, and I lock my doors every day. The cities may generate a lo...
AMD vs Intel for gaming?
once you've the $, bypass with: Intel i5 2500k processor GeForce GTX 660 Ti or HD 7850/787...
help with my choice of gaming pc would be massivly appreciated is this worth the buy?
u can use windows xp, but in the future, its gonna be windows 7 and windows 8, 8.1 windows...
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