Time controller how to use the button switch with the realization
Between the controller control point and the hand control point and inoculation control tw...
Millet 4 automatic switch machine how to set up time
First open the millet 4 【Settings】, select 【Power saving mode】, then click [timer switch m...
Millet phone how to set the switch machine time?
1. On the standby page, click the lower left menu key 2. Choose 【Settings】 3. Slide the sc...
If there are three lights can use a microcomputer when the control switch to the different time
Only in this way, it is best to buy three for each one. Hope it helps you....
China's accession to the WTO for so long, how not switch ah? When is the switch?
Switch, is a class of open is not to say about open. Now there are many categories of good...
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