35KV switch cabinet sub-closing standard time is how much
Small range can be controlled at: closing time 35-70ms opening time 20-60ms....
There is no time to set the time, to switch the lights regularly.
There is a special time to buy hardware to buy a place to buy (price 20-30 yuan)...
Germany Germany West KG316T time control switch how to set the system time?
1, the factory time control switch has been set a good time, if you need to set their own ...
This time the lights do not shine, that is a switch problem, because sometimes to open a few times will be bright!
Is the connection between the two control? Two switches have three points? If the wiring i...
How to prohibit the computer record switch machine time
the other: the antivirus software real-time monitoring diary clear, real-time monitoring s...
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