Wood composite floor thickness which? Which is better?
You may also see through the above, in these two kinds of inside, it is obvious that the t...
Can a finishing nail gun be used to install 3/8 engineered hardwood?
It is best to use a flooring stapler. Bostich makes a stapler that is especially for insta...
I'm laying engineered wood flooring on concrete floor - can I use plyboard to flatten floor out?
7mm difference is not enough to bother attempting to improve it. Floating wood or laminate...
Solid wood flooring with laminate flooring, which is better
Stability comparisonBecause the solid wood flooring and laminate floor structure itself, s...
Engineered wood flooring -- Durability and attractiveness in a 500+ patients/week in physicians' office?
I don't see why not. Some of the laminates are extremely tough. You can almost put out a c...
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