I would like to put hardwood floor in our living and dining room but have no idea which one will be the best. I'm going for light maple, should i get solid or engineered wood? And should it be unfinished or prefinished? We have no kids but only a small little chihuahua.
Another reason is the bamboo that you choose and is so environmentally friendly is actuall...
Prior to purchase, we must first know their dwelling level, orientation, area, best to dra...
We are building a new home and are having engineered wood floors 1/2 thick and 5 wide installed in our living room and hallways, no wet areas. Our floor installer says he does not usually put a moisture under the wood floors and it has always worked out fine. I have read conflicting information regarding having the moisture barrier and not having it. I would appreciate any information or opinions.
If your installer is going over a standard, above grade ply wood sub floor , then he is ri...
hardwood flooring is not so popular in my country but I like it , I went to store today and found 3 strip engineered wood flooring ..will it look as good as the plank wood flooring ? or it'll look cheaper ?
yes, they look new and cheaper.....
I'm installing an engineered wood floor in a second floor bedroom. Currently has a plywood subfloor in fairly decent shape. However there are some voids and gaps in the subfloor. What product should be used to fill these areas? Would ceramic tile adhesive work? Do the gaps between plywood sheets (maybe 1/8 gap) need to be taped and filled?Thanks?
Do NOT fill the gaps between the sheets of plywood! These need to be there to allow for wo...
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