How do you competely shut a leaking faucet?
You are going to have to change the washer in it (inside on the end of the stem) or the wa...
Can the basin be equipped with a special faucet for washing machine?
Basin can not, but you can find where the next triangle valve, and then the root hose then...
Basin basin faucet water hose position is too deep, how to screw down?
If you change the tube, then the tube can be cut with the pliers to take it off, with a pl...
My cat wont drink from a bowl- only the faucet. What are some other options?
same with my dog i am getting worried...
I am getting pebbles clogging up the cold water side of my bathroom faucet, whats up with that?
If you have just had work done on the plumbing, you could be seeing sediment from the inte...
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