How much time do you need to preheat the cake oven?
Baking baking oven height, with a small, basically just put the food into the can, but the...
Can iron things be put into the oven?
Yes, but coated with high temperature,No paint or other accessory coating is possible....
How do you measure the temperature of the upper and lower tubes of the oven?
The temperature of the household oven is generally not too accurate, and generally not ver...
The 200 degree oven in China is equivalent to the degree of an American oven
It's equivalent to 392 degrees, not 100 degrees. The United States uses Fahrenheit, and th...
How do you preheat the electric oven?
Not so cold food, such as baking a cake to 160 degrees, it is preheated to 160 degrees dir...
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