What's the size of the general household oven, please? What size do I need for the built-in oven?
The regular size of a general embedded oven is 595*590*560mm.The embedded oven is an upgra...
What's good for an electric oven?
Do not buy microwave ovens, and the effect is not good. There are large and small ovens, s...
What's the difference between a light wave oven and an oven? Can I take the place of the oven?
The heating principle is differentThe difference between the oven and oven is the most fun...
Can iron things be put into the oven?
Must be resistant to temperature, generally metal, silicone rubber mold is no problem. Pla...
Why preheat the oven before baking?
This is a must, at industry all recipes are square, after repeated tests prescribed baking...
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