I want to change mattress, but change mattress, still have to change bedstead, how troublesome!
Change the mattress, not necessarily change the bedstead, oh, you can measure your bed len...
what makes a man your best partner in bed or your best partner in the bed ever?
A man that is good in bed takes the time for 4 play. Oral is the best way to start. Gettin...
What time do your kids go to bed?
WEll, I'm not a parent but my mom had 5 kids inculding me. On school nights: I go to bed a...
ultra tan tanning beds!?
they have bronzing beds...they get u tan FAST..but i have noticed that it doesnt last as l...
Wetting the bed......?
yes, they would. i believe that's only one of the reasons that someone would wet the bed(i...
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