What is the difference between VIVA wood chips and FOREX plum cement board?
Weight F6 = V8 that is the United States rock plate cement density is higher than the wood...
how do i attach cement backerboard to an existing drywall that's textured?
If you are putting in cement board to put up tile, you need to remove the drywall from the...
What is the fiber used for cement foaming?
Polypropylene staple fiber can effectively enhance the toughness of concrete, effectively ...
Can the cement board cut off the wall directly
Due to the cement board surface is too smooth, not with the putty layer (or sand layer) ve...
Can I lay tile on top of an old cultured marble top w/o cement board or plywood?
no.... you have to have some type of underlyment..... or it will come out like crap.......
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