is it necessary to use green drywall or cement back board when installing tiles?
no, but the problem is they'll protrude, so what I did was cut away the drywall (1/2) and ...
Anyone had any experience using magnesium oxide boards as a gypsum board replacement ?
Haven't experienced it but from what I read in your link, it gets hung/nailed like drywall...
Uneven cement floor that needs tile?
At Home Depot they have a liquid floor evening stuff. It is is the aisle with the tile and...
Rubber cement stains?
Sorry but the stains are there to stay. You might try using some cornmeal or flour and let...
do i need to put cementious backer board behind a fiberglass surround shower unit?
no,,not if its a full surround,,,use green board sheet rock around the edges though...
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