Does anyone actually know about Costa Rican real estate. Please no speculation or negative comments, I need people who actually know what they are talking about not people who'll reply "do not do it stay in America it is a 3rd world" well duh? thank you einstein lol. Just joking but yea Im considering an offer from Costa rican tropical properties soo... need advice Thanks.
Where is the property located, that will make a difference. $65,000 for 1.25 acres is a de...
Hi, I'm trying to buy a restaurant right now. I already signed the purchase agreement. So far I don't have my own agent. The agent hired by the seller tells me what to do next. That is because this agent told me that since the purchase price of the restaurant is kind of low, I shouldn't hire my agent. Well she said so, so I didn't hire anyone, and I thought she is going to help me for every little thing as my agent as well because she is getting double commission. But she is not doing as well as i expected. When I ask help for something she simply tells me to figure out by myself. Also, i talked with restaurant owners about my situation, they all say I should have my agent. So I want to hire my own real estate agent But I don't know if I can do so now. I already signed the purchase agreement, and escrow is about to open. Is it too late to hire my own agent?? Someone help me!!!
If you signed an agreement that said she represents you or that you agree to not have repr...
Can any one explain for me about real estate and mortgage systuation in USA currently please?10 points for best answer :) Thanks every 1
The USA is a big country and made up of a variety of different real estate markets. Some a...
I am starting a new job this monday, as an "administrator" at a real estate firm. I have done some research about this industry, and the agency I will be working for (old family friends who just opened) have educated me and told me a lot of information, and I'm sure as the time goes on I will be exposed and learn more. I am seriously, in the future of thinking of becoming an agent. Please reply, and only real estate agents who are/or have been in the business (or people who do know about what it's like to be an agent)...your success stories, the pros and cons, is it true, as I have heard that agents can do extremely well? Please tell me everything.Thanks
If you're really good at selling real estate, then you can earn oodles of $$$$...
I am considering a future job in real estate. Im still young and have the opportunity to go to school and this field definetly interests me. The only thing is I dont know is where to start and where I should look into going to school at. Should I go to a company and get my feet wet or should I go to school first. I understand that this is a comm based job but are their other job opportunites that do require pay w/o being a real estate agent first. Just to see if this is right for me it would be great if I could get some info on this matter. Also if anyone can give me some ideas on schools in san diego and even recommend any companies I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!
I am a former Realtor (this is slightly different than being a real estate agent...you hav...
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