If i cook chicken in aluminum foil how long do i bake it?
I disagree with the different solutionsbike is a splendidly valid verb, as in I bike to pa...
suggest the best possible shape of aluminium sheet to reduce the production cost?
Is it an additional math project? If i'm not mistaken you have to calculate every possible...
I have a 15 pound turkey that I brined for maybe 12 hoursI dont have a turkey rack like most recipes call for.?
honestly i've used a bunch of different ones beforei suggest a ceramic chiit works the bes...
what does my waterman cover look like?
Hi Traxent, You could - with leftovers from the first meal - remove any meat from the bone...
I'd like to weld 1/8 aluminum together what is the cheapest way?
Contact a local welding shop in your area20$-40$ Welding aluminum is not a job for amateur...
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