What is the liquid used in the fire hose joint?
There are many threaded joints for fire hose fittings, such as liquid raw material tape, p...
why is there a fire extinguisher in every movie?
Because when acid reacts with metals, it produces Hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is extremely ...
My wife has a severe asthma and it got worse after we found mold on window sills. How do we deal with the?
If they aren't welded, they don't count. If any are threaded and will be seal-welded later...
What type of glue for pool pvc fittings?
Try looking at KTM. They make great off road , enduro bikes I think. Look at the Enduro 69...
why i have to use gloves and special shoes for the moto cross?
it's called pipe insulating cementno joke. I believe Rutland is a popular maker....
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