What kind of diode does the electric iron of 60W connect in series? Is 1N4007 all right? What is the best serial diode?
Why should we connect in tandem? 1N4007 current is 1A, in principle, but it is better to c...
The skill of soldering electronic components with electric irons
This is related to the size of the soldering iron and tin, and of course, the skill of the...
The new electric iron after several minutes of use is not easy to heat, is not because of welding oxidation?
The black iron shows that the solder is too large and the iron is too thick at the end of ...
What's the difference between an electric soldering iron of 30W 40W 50W?
The soldering circuit board usually uses the 30W electric soldering iron to be possible. T...
Can the computer independent video card be welded by ordinary electric iron?
Yes, but you have to be more skilled, otherwise... Change the soldering iron directly.....
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