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Why the new building interior walls of metal mesh
The main purpose is to crack the wall method: often use small diameter (usually 0.4 ~ 0.8m...
What can scratch Aluminum?? Like on the new MacBook?
When I bought my 15 MacBook Pro in May, the salesman at the Apple Store wanted to sell me ...
Why does my ABS braking system actuate at low speeds? Anyone know the fix?
The three preceeding answers came close. Magnetic field lines can cross, or at least come ...
where can i get a really good affordable laptop? any brand? 200$ or under.?
To get a laptop for less than $200 look for used-computer stores (college towns have these...
Is Rose Quartz valuable? If So how much is it worth?
quartz is pretty resistant to weathering. The pebbles will be largely intact. Some of the ...
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