Geomembrane is used for anti-seepage system which layer structure? What are the materials for the anti-seepage system?
Cement concrete above, but impervious material on the 30 cm or so to protect the layer, so...
What are the codes for acceptance ofreinforced concrete project construction?
Now there's a new revision. Notice on the issuance of the partial revision of national sta...
Does ipad need not to stick film?
If you cherish you ipad, you had better stick film. But I never stick film because there i...
Does a mist screen need to stick membrane?
If the computer is equipped with mist screen, then there is no need, just use it directly....
What are the impermeable advantages of comosite geomembrane?
composite geo-membrane is combined by geotextile and geomembrane, permeable material is ma...
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