how can i tell if my wall is plasterboard, plaster, or drywall?
Jeff' has the right answer, there is also this new epoxy called green glue. It comes in tu...
Is it a wise idea to mount a 32 inch plasma tv onto a plasterboard wall? Will it hold?
I actually did this once and my TV was not on the wall more than 20 minutes and it fell of...
Is gypsum board cracking related to the weather?
There may be caused by the wet, especially the wooden side of the case, the seams and no a...
Which would be better to soundproof a bedroom - soundbloc or polystyrene backed plasterboard?
Polystyrene Backed Plasterboard...
How is the Lafarge gypsum board?
Fame is very large, as long as the genuine quality is generally no problem...
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