Nylon fabric in the end permeability?
As I know, most of the fabric of nylon fabric is tight structure, so that the fabric looks...
Peach skin and comfortable cashmere and rayon 2WAY pillow fabric that is better
Peach skin: popular and affordable fabric in China at presentFeatures: fabric surface is v...
What does "F.Poliamm" mean in fabric ingredients?
Not F.Poliamm, but F.poliammide, is Italian, indicate a component - polyamide fabric....
Is dacron cloth waterproof?
Dacron fabric itself is not waterproof! Polyester fiber is hydrophobic, but not equal to p...
Will mulberry silk shrink if it is washed?
Silk material shrinks.However, before generally do clothes are made with shrink, so most b...
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