The floor below my house is tile, because the room area is relatively small, so want to abandon bed, put sofa, want to spread a cushion on the floor, sleep above, can you?
Give you a suggestion, if you only put mat words not good-looking, it is recommended to bu...
What's the difference between a good bed and a bad bed?
The secret of a good bed is no matter how comfortable it is to sleep,This is related to th...
How to solve the crunch of sofa beds?
1, find out the ring position (or cause);2. Tighten the relevant screws;3, add a little ta...
Function sofa is good
If your living room is large enough and the use function of all that you don't put the sof...
Is the strong smell of IKEA sofa bed poisonous
In addition, direct skin contact with formaldehyde can cause allergic dermatitis, pigmenta...
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