and I can't turn it on again- also the drum sounds like it is really working hard to keep going a round- does anyone have any ideas what the trouble is??
Well you can.But if this is for water.A drain or supply pipe then you should use PVC with ...
Is their a lock that tsa can open with a key so they dont break my lock and leave my items unsecured and provoke an anxiety attack in me? Or can i leave a note in their attached to a spare lock. But then will they care?
Many of the small figurines you see sold even at drugstores at Christmas, etc., are made f...
EVA material is plastic or rubber?
Is a relatively common in bottom material, usually called a foam have buffer action, but t...
Will it go for 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years? Should I start tearing out the wall?
Generally NO. since rubber or rubberlike materials flex, you will have trouble getting any...
okay so we show at the local shows and they said youth can not show stallions..so i am trying to get youth high point and you had to pick yo classes.. i chose Youth at halter and miniature halter well we just have a pasture mini and of course he isnt gonna win against some little stick leg mini's..another boy showing against me shows a stud and nothing gets said to him..should i say something because that is not fair at all..i was gonna show this georgous little mini stud but no i cant but some how the other boy can..Do you think his points should be taken for breaking the rules????
It's impossible to answer. I have friends who survived pretty horrible crashes at high spe...
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