Can I bake falafel patties in the oven using an aluminum foil on top of the pan I am using to put in the oven? Will the aluminum foil catch fire in the oven? Also, if I put the aluminum foil I wouldn't have to grease up the foil with oil...the patties just wont stick to aluminum foil right?
you know what can extremely keep a cupcake from sticking, grease the muffin pan with butte...
when aluminum metal undergoes a combination reaction with O2(g)
Aluminium metal combines with the oxygen from the air on heating to form aluminium oxide. ...
If something is wrong, what kind of glue can be used for bonding the stainless steel sheet and aluminum sheet? The area may be very big. What are some common or good glue to buy?
There are two methods: 1 AB glue or epoxy resin adhesive. 2. If the thickness of the two p...
is general aluminum sheet fire-proof?
aluminum is a kind of silver white metal,melting point:660.4℃, boiling point: 2467℃,densit...
If you're familiar with some of my previous questions, you'll know I have a thing for DC-3's, and I'd like to buy one and fix it up at some point in my life. I was looking at pictures on Google for my desktop background and saw several with shiny chrome/aluminum bodies. Well, first of all, is it chrome or polished aluminum? Second, would I be able to buy a DC-3 painted this God-awful forest green and put whatever it is (chrome/aluminum) on said plane? Or is it something that the plane has to be built with originally?
The polished aluminum that DC3's carried (actually any airplane) is the unfinished aluminu...
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