Scared to ride bike on the road, how to avoid getting hit?
First of all, you should have a fire extinguisher near by. This is your first line of defe...
The Original Punks (Yeah,We're Punks and We Don't Even Know It, But All Of Our Clothes Are Intact, No Pins)?
well im the prankster type..i accidently fell and pulled itsorry....
What is one thing you really like to do in the winter time & can still do?
I love to drive around, listening to christmas music, and looking at all the beautiful lig...
So, I'm looking for a smoke detector that will alert me if I'm not home. Trying to avoid a third-party &alert&?
You're kidding, right? But just in case you're not. Barnes and Noble is a book store. It s...
Getting real tired of wearing glasses?
Make sure no bushes are blocking your windows. You can cut to fit dowels for your windows....
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