How can I tell if my walls are normal drywall or cement board?
extremely tough stuff lookup with google that may help...
Do you know that light through the cement? What is the material and how to do it?
Litracon is a widely used new building material with light transmission properties. It is ...
Clothes on the stick asbestos fiber how to do
It is ok to stick with the tape can be used to wash clothes just fine. Wipe with a sponge...
am Laying Floor Tile and was Wondering if the Mesh Tape for Cement Board is the Same as you use for Drywall?
The mesh tapes are different. Do not use the tape for drywall for the cement board. They s...
How to fix the cracks in the ceiling
The floor part of the ride will be 15cm wide leveling layer chisel, in the structure of th...
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