How can the new vermiculite be treated?
The vermiculite used in horticulture is expanded vermiculite. It is a kind of high-quality...
Shiny black dirt in Virginia?
No, it wasn't made for a chimney liner insulation; it is used to grow plants. Papaw...
I use to keep snakes but fancy this chilean rose spider in shop, are spiders good pets,any experiance?
There ok but are very fragile and are not really keen on alot of handling.plus you need to...
Can I use loose coconut fiber substrate to incubate my african fat-tailed geckos egg in?
I'm not sure if this will work. I recommend using vermiculite, a substrate material used i...
Have you ever tried tub gardening or raised gardening? How did you like it?
no brake no gas and drive it like your life depended on it and aim for something soft. I h...
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