Home decoration, want to shop wood flooring, go out a circle, pure solid wood price beyond my budget, strengthen the floor style and more, the price of Fan Dun Dun stalk when the rudder when Jiang Jie close people, good care, among the Of the solid wood composite, the price is not cheap, but I can barely accept, aside do not say anything else, environmental protection in this area, really solid wood composite than to strengthen the floor ok? I read a statement on the Internet, solid wood compound is also a layer of glue with a layer of glue, might as well strengthen the composite it, the price is not very close to the people, which I am very tangled ~ Please understand your friends advice, thank you! ~ ~ ~ More
Not necessarily, you can take two kinds of floor test report comparison, businesses have p...
Solid wood flooring installation precautions?
1, first of all to confirm the floor of the material varieties, grades meet the design req...
What you mean by Engineered flooring? What is the benificts of Engineered flooring?
Engineered wood is an all wood product made of several plys of wood criss crossed for stre...
I am a real estate development enterprises to do the tender procurement work, would like to know about the standard decoration works, the use of floor tiles and laminate flooring contrast have advantages and disadvantages, please help focus on explain the strengthening of the composite floor on the construction process and the late intestinal valve Co-operation of the Office of the stall wiping the adverse effects of maintenance issues, with or without significant quality risks! Question added: I do not know which heroes have the shape of the report and the like, made up to the big intestine flap fit the bones of the bureaucratic school to learn, you give me the answer I have considered, and has formed a simple Of the report, but the feeling is not very full of content, did not impress the key points of leadership, or inconvenient to make decisions, or please a lot of help! The The Thank you first! More
Floor tiles and flooring have their own advantages, should be based on the main buyers of ...
Strengthen the composite floor brand which? Recommended which?
The three brands of Chinese composite wood flooring, have launched the E0-class environmen...
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