allowable current carrying capacity chart of aluminium cables,tubes and busbarsas per indian standards?
my guinea pigs used to live outside year long.even through the winter, we just gave them a...
I just cleaned the cylinder head mating surface with a die grinder wire brush did i screw up?
Ya that is not the right way to do it especially on an aluminum blockOne of the many issue...
no construction paper?
DO NOT use wax paper!!! The wax will melt and stick to your foodI think it is OK to use th...
How can one machine, or cut and shape small (pen ink) sizes of metal cheaply?
You could look for a company that does laser cuttingI just had some quite intricate panels...
How do I cook diced chicken for chicken soup?
The way I do it is to cook it up on the grill on top of aluminum foilI dust it with sage a...
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