I just bought a 47inch LCD 1080p flat panel T.V. I bought nothing extra for it what else do i need?
you will want HDMI cable for each component that has an HDMI connection. ie: cable box, ho...
How can I power an older IDE Hard Drive with a Power Supply with Only SATA power?
I am afraid you are a victim of the penny pinching that companies like Dell need to do to ...
What power cables do I need for this graphics card?
It needs 150w through the 8 pin connector and 75w through the 6 pin connector, in addition...
How can I power on my hardrive without the main power cable?
Disconnect the power cable to the CD or DVD drive for a while and use it on the hard disk ...
When buying computer parts from Newegg, do they include any necessary wiring/cables?
they gained't come assembled, whether it extremely is lots much less demanding to construc...
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