can I add more starting wattage to a small power generator by adding more starting capacitors ?
Add more power voltage amps with increase high power socket switches or wires.If it's capa...
Fuel efficient vehicle, what fuel, and which one?
Maybe diesel hybrids are the way to go, bio-diesel is a renewable source of energy. I just...
Need Help with a portable generator?
Look on the welder spec plate it should be rated in amps. it needs to run watts amps, X v...
Is it mandatory to have a electric meter on your house if you`re not using electricity from the power company?
If you don't pay your electric bill, they'll come and take away the meter. No, if you don'...
Break away cabs on EMD E and F units?
I seem to recall a reference in Trains stating that these were designed to buckle right be...
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