If you yank the plug of the toaster (before turning it off) while it's still on, does it ruin the machinery?
It depends. Are you actually yanking it out or are unplugging it by holding onto the plug,...
Explain why machinery used on a.c supply is usually rated in kVA instead of kW.?
Because most machinery present an inductive load and so has a less-than-unity power factor...
What are the major related courses in the university?
And the mechanical design and manufacturing (ship machine manufacturing process and equipm...
List of machinery used in ghee process?
BUTTER AND GHEE MAKING EQUIPMENT Cream Storage Tank 1000/2000/5000 L Butter Churn 500/1000...
What Has More Bang In The Republican Machinery Endorsment by Rush Limbaugh or Blessing by Rev Pat Robertson?
Well, we all know how well Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani worked out. As for...
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