I recently purchased a new power cable for my HP laptop (v6000 series) due to the disappearance of my old one. When I first plugged in the laptop, I noticed that it did not charge. I thought this might just be due to the fact that the battery has been dead for an extensive amount of time, but after leaving the computer plugged in over night, nothing has changed.What can I do to make my laptop's battery charge?Do I need to have a more powerful power cable?Thank you all for your help.
by power cable im assuming you made sure to purchase the correct model, and that you mean ...
my sub came loose and started sliding around in my boot until the power cable got ripped out of the amp while i was driving at it was on. When i tried putting the power back in it just blew the fuses, so i bought some more, and they blew as soon as they went in as well, and one of the bits of metal melted putting one it! strathfield said its 45 for an inspection, plus the cost of fixing it. any ideas whats wrong with it and if i can fix it myself??cheers.
You can repair this if you already know what you are doing. Each wire in the cable termina...
On my original PS3 power cable it says 10A 125V, do I have to make sure the cable I use from a computer matches the same?Also can you explain how it works if the cables don't matter
YES, You can use a standard computer power cable for your PS3...
My brother took his PS2 over a friends, lost the cables, and then took mine. So now I have to go steal my cables back every time I want to play, or not play. My PS2 is a piece of crap, but I can't afford a new one. Can I buy replacemt AV and power cables? I saw a MadCatz one, but the reviews said it was terrible. Thanks!
the ps2 power cable is a standard cable. You will be able to get this cheaply ( you do not...
I bought a new amp and sub to replace my old ones. I disconnected the battery, unplugged the old amp and plugged the new one in and when I reconnected my battery the power cable began to smoke at all the exposed ends and got very hot. What causes this? Is it because the new amp requires more current than the old one and that is causing it to get very hot? And what is the solution to my problem?Thanks
What it sounds like is you accidentally connected the wires to the wrong terminals. If cur...
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