What is the difference between PA66 and PA6 plastic raw materials? Differences in price, color, performance, etc
Both are nylon series. What about the price, PA66? More expensive. The performance is prob...
What are the raw materials for producing plastic bowls and cups?
PP, the Chinese name is polypropylene. It is a fine kind of resin developed after nylon. I...
What are the common raw materials used in plastic bottles? What are the main features?
PC bottles are transparent, shock resistant and high temperature resistant. They are expen...
What is the concept of plastic raw materials for turnover containers?
Plastic turnover box, other features: 1) plastic turnover box outer dimension refers to th...
PVC what is the difference between raw and recycled raw materials?
Raw raw materials, such as rubber oil from rubber trees, are extracted from recycled produ...
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