How do I remove dried cement from door & running board?
If it hasn't hardened for very long, Like weeks, try water and a stiff nylon brush. If nee...
Can I use 1/4 cement board to tile my entryway?
I do a lot of tile work.... If using 1/4 cement board, just make sure you have a sturdy, l...
what kind of compound and tape do i use when putting up cement board?
Mesh fiberglass tape with thinset mortar. Put the tape over the joint and trowel on the th...
Cement fiber wall hanging board PVC wall hanging board which is good?
Cement fiber board if it comes with insulation, you can stick + anchor technology, do not ...
When installing ceramic floor tile is floating it better than cement board?
What is the floor material? Never heard of floating ceramic tiles. Wood? Use the backer bo...
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