Why is the peeling paint on the cement board?
No, how can you use a cement board to ceiling? Faint nonsense! Cement board see a cloudy d...
Is Backer board and Cement Board the same thing?........?
Same thing. Backer board is a general term. Backer board can be 1/4 thick. can be a wood s...
i can land a kickflip in the grass 40% of the time and now i really cant land it on the cement?
probly because in grass your more confedent because you did it lots of times and mabye bec...
cement sheets in the bedroom wall - any ideas?
If you are good with using joint compound you can go over the walls with that. A friend of...
Home improvement wall is made of light steel keel + gypsum board, light steel keel + cement pressure plate is good or red brick light weight brick good?
You can use the first program, light steel keel + sound-absorbing cotton, gypsum board, ev...
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