Lightweight composite wallboard can not be attached to the wall
Increase the use of area. Composite energy-saving wall board with 60mm wall material and 1...
60 thick foam cement board Ⅱ how much noise
Cement foam insulation Due to the formation of numerous porous bubbles, so the sound-absor...
Do need to rip out the cement board if it got wet after it dried initially before I tile over it?
You shouldn't have to rip it out. I would let a fan run on it for a few hours just to make...
I'm installing a new bathtub, can I attach the tub to the cement board?
In almost all cases, no you should not attach your tub to the cement board. The majority o...
When installing ceramic floor tile is floating it better than cement board?
Use the concrete backerboard. If you float it on thin set it will crack. Period....
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